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04.08.10: ISO 6336 and ISO/TR 13989 are integrated

In both eAssistant calculation modules - "Cylindrical gears" and "Planetary gear trains" - a further load capacity calculation method is now available. Additional to the DIN 3990 the ISO 6336 (2008) for the load capacity calculation of the surface durability (pitting) and tooth bending strength is integrated. Furthermore the ISO/TR 13989 for scuffing load capacity is also available.

With the latest edition of the ISO 6336 there are a lot of interesting improvements for the load capacity calculation. So, the helix factor for the surface durability of helical gears is changed. This gives more realistical results. Furthermore the calculation of the tooth bending strength of internal gears is improved. It is very easy to switch between these both calculation methods in the load capacity calculation.

All extensions are automatically available for all eAssistant users. For further detail information please feel free to contact the GWJ team.