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18.08.14: Updated Rolling Bearing Calculation

An update of the calculation module for rolling bearings is released. GWJ is now offering an enhanced version of the calculation module which is available in GWJ´s TBK 2014 software for gearboxes and in GWJ´s web-based software solution eAssistant.

The rolling bearing calculation module has been updated and adapted to the latest DIN ISO 281. The life adjustment factor a_ISO is used instead of the previous a_DIN factor. Furthermore, the module includes the extensive method for the determination of the lubricant contamination factor ec based on the type of lubrication. The calculation of the viscosity ratio kappa has been updated as well as the determination of the fatigue limit load Cu.

Additionally, the rolling bearing module according to DIN ISO 281 is available as an extension for SystemManager. SystemManager is an add-on application to TBK 2014 and eAssistant. By using SystemManager, the calculation can be extended up to the determination of complete gearboxes. The operating directions of the bearing load within the system are illustrated by coloring each rolling element. In addition to the determination of adjusted bearing arrangements (e.g., angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings) with consideration of the non-linear bearing stiffness, the extension of the rolling bearing calculation according to ISO/TS 16281 including the inner bearing geometry is possible.