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09.05.14: TBK 2014: New Software Generation for Gearbox Development

The updated TBK 2014 version offers a new and more modern look, but keeps the easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The software application comes with a completely new calculation technology, new calculation modules and numerous extension possibilities.

TBK 2014 is full of new features (e.g., calculation modules for bolted joints, bolts and pins, clamp connections, springs and timing belts) and refinements. Already existing modules has been improved significantly. For example, the calculation module for cylindrical gears provides a new dimensioning function. This functionality offers proposals for possible design variations. The module for involute splines supports not only DIN 5480, but also DIN 5482, ISO 4156, ANSI B92.1 and B92.2. TBK 2014 allows a shaft calculation with two or more bearings. Eigenfrequencies and critical speeds (bending and torsion) can be also determined.

Powerful CAD plugins for different CAD systems are available in order to combine calculation and design as well as an output option for the 2-D DXF tooth form.

TBK 2014 software can be extended with the „SystemManager“ add-on application. It allows for a fast and easy design of complete systems. By using the add-on, multi-stage cylindrical gears, planetary gear trains and bevel gear drives can be easily determined. Power-distributed transmissions and manual gearboxes with load spectra are supported as well. The calculation of eigenfrequencies of the complete system is also possible.

TBK 2014 provides a high level of comfort with a redo and undo function, automatical re-calculation, tool tips, user and project information, extensive user default settings, calculation reports in HTML and PDF format with individual report templates. The language of the software can be easily changed.