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20.02.15: System Calculation for Gearboxes with New and Extended Functions

SystemManager supports axially parallel shaft systems for multi-stage cylindrical gears with or without power split transmission, manual gearboxes, planetary gear trains as well as perpendicular transmission systems.

The progress of the nominal tooth force along the facewidth has already been calculated and displayed graphically for single tooth meshes of gear pairs within the system. This load distribution along the facewidth will be considered in the calculation of the load capacity by means of the face coefficient Khß. It is possible now to consider flank line corrections such as lead crowning, end relief or helix angle corrections in the calculation of the load distribution along the facewidth. Different modifications for the respective gear mesh can be easily checked and graphically displayed. It makes it very easy to find an optimal correction.

The new version includes bevel gear stages with shaft angle unequal 90°. In addition, new force elements for worms and worm wheels were added and the new calculation module for worms was connected to SystemManager.

A whole series of additional innovations are also featured in this new version. For example, the definition of a stiffness matrix for housing stiffnesses, three-dimensional representation of the load distribution in rolling bearings, 2-D and 3-D animation of modal shapes as well as an individual color selection for every single gear element.