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17.06.16: New Calculation Modules for Cylindrical Gears Available

GWJ Technology GmbH has upgraded the eAssistant with two new modules for cylindrical gears.

Brand-new modules are the modules for three and four gear train systems. These modules allow a fast and easy calculation of gear train systems with three or four spur or helical gears.
The new modules have all typical functions of the eAssistant cylindrical gear pair module to determine the geometry. To calculate the load capacity, the standards DIN 3990 and ISO 6336 are available. Alternating stress of the tooth root is automatically taken into account for the intermediate gears.

Furthermore, there are new versions of the popular eAssistant 3D CAD plugins for SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor. The plugins enable the user to open all eAssistant calculation modules directly through the CAD menu. At the push of the button, the part, including the accurate gear tooth form, can be created as a 3D part on the basis of the previously calculated data. With just one click, the design table with all manufacturing details of the gear can be placed on the manufacturing drawing. The appearance and size of that table is individually configurable.

In addition, eAssistant supports also the output format DXF.