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19.01.18: eAssistant Comes with New Features

We are committed to constantly improving the quality of our software products. The updated version of the web-based software eAssistant has been released now.
The latest software release introduces multiple enhancements making the life of engineers easier than ever before. One example is the new menu item "New". Clicking the menu item "New" closes the current calculation and opens the calculation module with the internal eAssistant default setting or the user´s own default file.
The calculation modules for single cylindrical gears (external/internal), three- and four-gear train systems and gear racks now include DIN 58405 for fine mechanics, ISO 1328 and ANSI/AGMA 2015 in addition to DIN 3961 for gear tolerances/gear qualities.
The definition of the basic rack profiles for the cylindrical gear pair and the single cylindrical gear (external) was supplemented by the semi topping flank and topping. Using the definition of the semi
topping flank, the corresponding hobs can then be specified, and they generate an addendum chamfer during the cutting process.
The option "Topping" allows to define the tip diameter directly with the dedendum coefficient of the tool, making it impossible to subsequently modifiying the tip diameter. The result, at the same time, will be tip diameter allowances analogous to the root diameter allowances directly from the tooth thickness allowances.
The eAssistant 3D CAD plugins for various CAD systems support the new function and the semi topping flank can be considered in the 3D CAD model.