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Multilingual product catalog with an interactive graphical configuration and calculation of timing belts for multiple-shaft systems (incl. CAD data):

  • Available online and on CD
  • Runs without any installation
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Design functions and note messages
  • Calculation report
  • Generation of CAD data and download

Expenses for a worldwide shipping of catalogs could be decreased significantly. The CD with the installation of a calculation software was no longer necessary. The software solution enables a better customer service and distribution of standard products and applications. The technical support can focus on the customers with special requirements and can resolve issues quickly. The customer satisfaction increases through better handling of support and customer requests. Last but not least, the solution discovered a new way of attracting and expanding new customers.

The web solution helps to keep the sales team focused on getting new customers. It changes the way of managing sales efforts and maximises sales opportunities across well-known regions. The automatic request function is great for a specific selection of articles by the user via the shopping cart and email. The result: reduced internal costs.

Especially the possibility of configuration and technical design of the drive belts as well as the deployment of CAD data for the development and design process became increasingly popular among the user. The feedback has been very positive.more...

Mulco belt-pilot
Calculation of timing belts
3D geometry of timing belts
3D CAD viewer