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The eAssistant - the engineering Assistant - is the web-based calculation software developed by GWJ. The eAssistant allows for fast and easy calculation, design and optimization of an extensive range of machine elements (e.g. shafts, bearings, gears, springs, shaft-hub connections) according to generally accepted calculation methods (DIN and ISO standards) as well as accepted literature.

The eAssistant combines the advantages of standard calculation software and an innovative web solution and offers unique benefits. Due to the web-based technology, the latest version is always available. No investment costs are required and updates an service packs are a thing of the past. The user benefits from a variable cost structure. The eAssistant offers two different pricing models: time limit accounts and flat rate accounts. The eAssistant - a quality product made in Germany - leads the user to an intelligent and cost-effective solution for the calculation of machine elements.

For years many leading companies from different industries use the eAssistant successfully in the development and design process. The applications range from precision engineering to heavy engineering, from slow speed drives running at low rotational speed to high speed driven turbo machines with rotational speed of 500.000 rpm and higher.

For more information, a detailed feature description and a free test account, please visit our eAssistant web page.more...

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