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TBK 2014

The TBK 2014 software package is a powerful and widely accepted calculation program for technical calculations for the development and design process. TBK is used in mid-sized companies for nearly 25 years. The calculation modules are developed in close co-operation with GWJ and the customers. According to helpful suggestions of users, a certain structure of the various program parts is accomplished over the years which leaves nothing to be desired, especially with regard to practical experience.

The TBK program provides calculation modules for spur gears, planetary gear trains with or without stage planets, bevel gears, worm gears and multi-stage cylindrical gearboxes. In addition, modules for the calculation of shafts, bearings and shaft-hub connections are available.

The software works according to generally accepted standards (e.g., DIN, ISO and AGMA).

The user is guided step-by-step through the inputs and is supported with suggestions and gets a solutions very quickly and efficiently.

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Shaft calculation
Gear tooth form
Spiral bevel gear
Interference fit