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The GearEngineer software is a powerful and intelligent tool for the calculation of various types of gears. The GearEngineer software is able to calculate and generate highly accurate 3D geometry of complex gears. This geometry provides the basis to manufacture gears in conjunction with multi-axis machining centers. Additionally, the software includes common calculation methods (DIN, ISO) for the calculation of load capacity. It also contains a tooth contact analysis (TCA).

The GearEngineer software is the world´s leading software solution in this field and has been awarded the 2010 MM Award.

GearEngineer - A Short Overview

The GearEngineer software allows the calculation of involute spur gears, for example:

  • External and internal gears
  • Spur and helical gears
  • Involute splines

Spur gears as well as involute splines (shaft and hub) can be manufactured based on the accurate gear tooth form. The manufacturing of double helical and herringbone gears (with and without space in the center) is also possible.

Furthermore, different types of bevel gears can be calculated, for example:

  • Straight and helical bevel gears including different forms of the tooth depth
  • Spiral bevel gears

The accurate 3D gear tooth form for Klingelnberg´s Zyklo-Palloid® bevel gears is available. Furthermore, the calculation and output of the tooth form of straight and helical bevel gears with constant and tapered (angles intersect in common point) tooth depth is possible. The output format of the 3D geometry is STEP and IGES.

For the documentation, a single mouse-click is enough to create a calculation report in HTML and PDF format. The software is a single-user version (multi-user license on request) and available in German and English.

MM Award AMB 2010
Zyklo-Palloid® bevel gear pair
Contact pattern without load
Double helical gear