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Cylindrical gear and involute splines

The powerful software module allows to calculate and optimize external and internal spur and helical gears. The software module comes with an extensive calculation of the gear geometry and contains the determination and generation of the accurate 3D gear tooth form including profile and flank modifications. This module also includes the calculation of the load capacity according to DIN 3990 and ISO 6336.

Feature Overview

  • Geometry of spur gear pairs according to DIN 3960, DIN 3961, DIN 3964,
    DIN 3967, DIN 3977 and DIN 868
  • Consideration of profile shift modification incl. optimization function for balanced specific sliding
  • A working centre distance can be specified, the centre distance can be also determined from defined profile shift coefficients
  • Allowances for tooth thickness and centre distance can be selected from database or can be defined individually
  • Addendum chamfer can be considered in the calculation
  • Standardised basic rack profiles for tools according to ISO 53, DIN 867 and DIN 3972 (Profile I and II) can be selected or can be specified individually
  • Protuberance tools with and without allowance
  • Dimensioning function for special basic rack profiles
  • Type of tools: hob, gear shaper cutter and constructed involute
  • Determination of the test dimensions
  • Calculation of the tooth thickness allowances based on measured values or given test dimensions
  • Display of the accurate calculated tooth form with animation / simulation of the tooth mesh
  • Specification / consideration of profile modifications in tooth form: linear and circular tip relief, linear and circular root relief, symmetrical profile crowning
  • Specification / consideration of flank modifications in tooth form: end relief, symmetrical and asymmetrical lead crowning
  • Tooth contact analysis without load (TCA)
  • Involute splines geometry according to DIN 5480, DIN 5482, ISO 4156, ANSI B92.2M, ANSI B92.1 and similar
  • Load capacity calculation according to DIN 3990, ISO 6336 Method B and ISO/TR 13989
  • Integrated material and lubricant database
  • Consideration of grinding notches
  • Optimum hardening depth, manual input of hardening depth and consideration in the load capacity calculation
  • Selection of mode of operation is possible for swelling, alternating and oscillating
  • Gearing efficiency
  • Calculation of the safeties for fatigue or limited life strength and static strength (tooth root, flank/pitting, scuffing)
  • Check of meshing interferences etc.
  • Detailed calculation report in HTML and PDF format
  • Output of CAD data: 2D DXF and 3D STEP/IGES
Input of geometry data
Input of tool data
Input of data for determination of allowances
Animation/simulation of tooth mesh
Calculation of load capacity according to DIN 3990 method B